‘With St Kilda artist Anselm van Rood in his Melbourne Studio’ by Michael Blamey
published in his Blog ‘St. Kilda Today’.






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  1. Hi Anslem,

    Robin here, I was at Falmouth School of Art when you taught there doing a Foundation year. David Winter has been in touch recently and he mentioned you. I really loved looking at your work on the website – and it reminds me of your teaching back then. I am still committed to Painting and Drawing – moved to Scotland where I was at GSA & the ECA. Graduated with a degree show which led to various exhibitions and as a result, a move to London til 1990 when I spent 2 years back in Kenya where I grew up, then I moved to the USA for 18 years with time in Paris. I taught and exhibited in Boston & NYC after doing a MFA at Boston’s Museum School. I chose to move back to the UK 4 years ago as I have a niece here who is poorly. I was married to an American who was in International development and taught at Harvard’s Kennedy S

    • Hi Robin
      sorry to be replying so tardily to your surprising message. It was fascinating to hear from you and to read of your life and work. And I am glad you enjoyed looking at my Website. I also enjoyed looking at yours.
      I am also glad to know that someone I met as a teacher is still painting and drawing. It is a hard and difficult life isn’t it and many get all too easily discouraged.
      It seems like you have made a pretty successful go of it. These days I think that if I am able every day to the work I need to do, spending my time in the studio or outside in nature, that is a good enough definition of success for me!
      With best wishes,

  2. Hi Anselm

    Robin and me are back in Falmouth for a week w/c 12th July with 5 days drawing working holiday at a place called the Fish Factory. I have a foolish small book I had printed about those days I will send you a hard copy if you can email me an address where you can pick it up. Dont forget to Skype me sometime soon.



    • Hi David,
      That drawing workshop sounds good. Yes please do send me the book to: 5a Smith St. Saint Kilda, VIC 3182 Australia.
      Will try you again on Skype soon.

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