Pdf Xchange Editor License Agreement

Business and business licensees can use and install the software on an unlimited number of workstations or servers, provided that sufficient licenses are acquired to cover all users. In addition, when purchasing a package of site or country licenses, the following geographic and sectoral restrictions apply to an unlimited number of users: our license is user-based, i.e. a license must be held for any user with direct access to the licensed software. Non-business licenses have no geographical restrictions. We are expanding our end-user license to allow 1 desktop installation and installation on a secondary device (i.e. laptop or tablet windows, etc.), provided you are the primary desktop and laptop user. These licenses allow 4 different bandings based on geographic coverage (for example. B local/municipal or provinicial/State/County, etc., and the number of users required, all allow several services and services such as administration, education, emergency services, health, planning, etc. – provided that users are employed directly by the local government authority or that they are employed by the agency/administration to work exclusively for the licensed local government. End User License: Individual licenses and multipack volume Tracker Software Products offers different licensing options for our end-user and development products. Below is an explanation of the various licensing options, ranging from end-user licenses to business plans, as well as the scope and limitations of each.

YOU ARE NOT ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION OR MANDATORY ANNUAL FEES – ALL END USER LICENSES ARE PERPETUAL and Annual Maintenance optional – allowing access to the latest versions and updates if you wish. Download the PDF version of end-user licensing agreements (EULA): PDF-XChange Viewer/Editor EULA PDF-XChange Enhanced PLUGIN OCR EULA PDF-XChange Lite, Standard, Pro, PDF-Tools EULAPDF-XChange Lite Non-Commercial EULA – The SDK viewer and Editor license requires that a licensing agreement be entered into prior to the publication of serial keys and that a distribution delcaration be submitted at least once a year. PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL – Viewer SDK Licensing Agreement These licenses are not intended for use by national/federal or third-party or consultant users, etc. For more information about these licenses or if you are a federal government user who needs volume licensing information, please contact our distribution/support team. .

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