Recurring Payment Agreement

Once the amount is indicated, the payment is made immediately, unless it is currently authorized due to the restrictions of the agreement. Your payments are made at regular intervals and at regular intervals and you can set or vary the amount paid. Note that the change must take place at least 8 days before the next payment expires. Regular payments are made via your selected credit or debit card. It should be noted that this is not a debit system, so payments are not covered by the debit guarantee. We use a continuous payment authority (CPA) that allows us to make payments after an aborted payment attempt. The advantage of CPA is that you do not collect a fee directly from us or your bank for a missed payment that could result from a debit. However, you can charge bank overdraft fees or other fees related to your balance. The amount and interval may be limited depending on the option chosen.

A recurring payment is usually weekly or monthly. This is particularly the case for gym memberships, software subscriptions and other repetitive payment fees. The recurring credit card authorization form is a document that authorizes a company (for example. B electricity bills, various subscriptions, car payments, etc.) automatically deduct payment from a person`s bank account or credit card account. Payments are billed at the end of each invoice cycle. By providing authorization for recurring payments, you will be debited each month until the end of the payments or until the authorization is deleted by the cardholder each month. You must notify us at least 10 business days before the next planned transaction. To cancel your regular payments, please call 0800 074 2425. The traditional route and the most common format before the arrival of the Internet.

For gym companies, this is a standard procedure, as each gym tries to lock its customers into a recurring monthly credit card payment. In order to legally accept a repeat credit card payment from a customer, the company must obtain the customer`s signature. After closing, the entity must keep the form in its records as long as the person is a client. The amount should only be indicated once by you when the regular agreement is established. Webpost can change the amount as soon as the agreement has been established, but only within the limit initially agreed with the buyer. In most cases, cancelling periodic credit card payments can be easily done online. For other companies, this can be done by phone or by signing a consent form. If you don`t know the store, a phone number is usually shown on your billing statement.

Otherwise, searching for the name of the payment description in Google is the best choice to find the reseller. If your regular payment is refused for any reason, including insufficient means, closed accounts or unauthorized accounts, webpost will contact you at the email address you indicated when the contract was made and its first payment. This email warns you that the payment has failed. She will inform you that we will try to make the payment every working day for the next 2 days of work. If the transaction is still declined after the 3rd attempt, regular payments will be cancelled. Both parties receive an email from the webpost informing us that the payment plan has been cancelled. We can share the information we collect about you with external service providers. Our agreements with these service providers require them to protect your data and use it only to perform the services they provide to you.

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