This Transaction Cannot Be Completed Because It Violates The Paypal User Agreement

PayPal Express Checkout Customer Error: 13122 “transaction”, “PayPal Gateway rejected the requirement. This transaction cannot be concluded because it opposes the user agreement PayPal (#13122: They assured me that their accounts on other sites are working well and that their transactions are denied in mine. 13122 “transaction violates the PayPal User Anyway, I deleted the article, a new… He called the patch “Get up and fall.” What I thought was absolutely unif. But it always solves the PayPal user agreement for some reason… Why do I have an API 13122 error code? get in the product description trigger the filters, the transaction could be refused. Conditions could also trigger the filters to refuse the transaction. For anyone studying this issue, please note that PayPal has filters that search for globally specific geographic terms. If the terms used in the product description trigger the filters, the transaction may be declined. In our case, we are online carpet merchants with many of our products that extend across the traditional spectrum of carpets. PayPal Help Center Home is PayPal the world`s leading online payments company. Here you will find answers to Contact PayPal to answer all your payment questions online or to sign up for our services! PayPal is the world`s leading provider of online payments. Needless to say we have some very frustrated users.

Resolved: Someone can help me resolved: I have set up payments in my Shopify shop with PayPal. And I`m trying to test the purchase. PayPal send me this message this transaction. cannot be concluded, because it is contrary to the agreement to use the PayPal!! resolute! Yes, I have the same problem. Have you solved the problem? So `bleep`… Lost 10 sales of this… `bleep`, I hate PayPal…. We haven`t had a solution yet, but we`ve asked several users to contact PayPal directly. The feedback we`ve had is: “Only one FYI – PayPal currently blocks all transactions that contain the word tardigrade in the product name or product description,” McPhee tweeted on September 11, 2020. We contacted them and they told us to stop using the word tardigrade.

But if some customers tried to pay for their purchases with PayPal, they were invited with an error message. “This transaction cannot be concluded because it is contrary to the user agreement PayPal,” the report says. “In order to comply with state regulations, this trans, when asked about the problem of Jewish currents, PayPal slate in a statement, said: “PayPal its regulatory and compliance obligations, PayPal are published on the Policy Updates page (accessible by legal basis on most PayPal pages) on August 19, 2019 (as PayPal may determine at its discretion), the fees under section A2.3.1 apply to users registered in Ireland instead of the charges mentioned in this section A2.3.2. A2.4. PayPal user agreement, you are in breach of this user agreement and/or we have the right to enter into your account under this user agreement; You don`t have access to your account because you agree to defend, to compensate and hold unscathed PayPal of claims or claims (including reasonable legal fees) (including reasonable legal fees) that have been caused by third parties as a result of or because of your breach of this contract of use, your misuse of PayPal services, your violations of laws or third-party rights and/or the actions or actions of any other product, is… “I tried another PayPal account that also failed, even though I could use both accounts PayPal to pay for other services.” I had the same mistake that came back for one of our customers, and I had the same problem as @knagode with my product name.

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