Agreement In Principle Po Polsku

We must not allow this agreement to be fundamentally lost. But there must of course be an agreement in principle between the parties themselves. He quickly agreed on the principle of a transaction at a price of $56. He abstained to describe the agreement as a ceasefire in principle. It is something other than saying that you have an agreement in principle. The company has reached an agreement in principle for the city government to purchase homes worth $321 million through an annual contract. “We have an agreement in principle, subject to the company, that these things be done,” Pittenger said. The two companies had announced an agreement in principle in June. The whole country agrees on the need to accelerate reforms. Dow Jones said he and the special commission were able to agree on the principle of the new offer. “It was an agreement in principle,” the senior official said. Last October, after five years of discussions, an agreement in principle was reached. Get a written tentative agreement from a lender before you even look for real estate.

We have agreement in principle on the major issues. Zysk net (net proffit): £25,000 – kwota, którą użyje bank do wyliczenia naszej zdolności. .

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