Cobb County Separation Agreement

Even if you and your spouse have some minor disagreements or uncertainties pending, an uncontested divorce will likely work for you. We prepare all the documents especially for your divorce. Both parties must sign a settlement agreement that we prepare individually for you and that formally documents your agreement with your spouse on all matters related to your uncontested divorce in Cobb County. When researching your family law needs in Georgia, remember that each county handles divorce, child maintenance, custody, and other family law proceedings differently. Whether you have a simple divorce or a complicated divorce, the undisputed divorce process can work for you. But you both have to agree to work out the details of a transaction agreement. *Important note: Child Assistance Forms must be completed online by visiting the Georgia Child Support Commission website: individual forms included in this package: The Academic Common Market Form (ACMF) is available by contacting you with the National Coordinator at 404-962-3081. The Judicial Court of Georgia offers a child support commission website. In no event shall the Court Administration, the Clerk of the Court, the State of Georgia, the Cobb County Government, or persons who contribute to the preparation of such forms, comments, instructions, and appendices be liable for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from their use. . .


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