Unece 1958 Agreement Revision 3

Rules 1 – 20Regulations 21 – 40Regulations 41 – 60Regulations 61 – 80Regulations 81 – 100Regulations 101 – 120Regulations 121 – 140 Provisions 141 – 160 United Nations Convention on the Adoption of Harmonized Technical Regulations for Wheeled Vehicles, Equipment and Parts which may be fitted and/or Used in Wheeled Vehicles and the Conditions for Mutual Recognition of Authorizations under these United Nations Regulations (Revision 3). E/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev.3 English DOCX PDF French DOCX PDF Russian DOCX PDF PDF. 1. Some of the rules presented in electronic form on this website use WordPerfect fonts. If these fonts are not available on your system, some icons and equations may not be displayed correctly. Click here to download a Zip file with the recommended fonts….

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