Website Maintenance Retainer Agreement

Maximizing lifetime value means not just serving a client for the duration of a single project. Instead, it means building a consistent relationship with that customer and providing a continuous service so that the finished website runs smoothly and cost-effectively. The service moves from construction to maintenance, with more consistent revenues. This is the value of a website retention agreement. We are certainly familiar with the maintenance and support of WordPress websites. However, our advice cannot be compared to that of a lawyer when it comes to creating binding contracts that hold in case of disagreement and you need to take legal action. The “routine” part is really the key. If you don`t have a dedicated IT staff in the house, you need someone to keep an eye on things, stay up to date on the latest versions of the software, and take action if the site crashes for some reason. If you have an agency on mandates, you don`t even have to think about these things – they covered it.

Running a business is quite difficult. The last thing you need is to get tangled up in messy disagreements with your website`s maintenance and support customers. A lack of clarity about the expectations of both parties can become a nightmare of late payments, angry website owners, and bad press: most web development retentions cover maintenance, technical support, updates, and bug fixes. In other words, it covers everything your customer needs to keep their online presence functional and frictionless for the duration of the agreement. These web maintenance contracts, based on time and hardware, help regulate our cash flow and are often useful for starting a project with a trusted client. Since so few web projects start with a clear specification of the work, this contract becomes a commitment between us and the client. And since we require the contract to be paid in full in advance, our cash flow is regulated because we are no longer at the mercy of collecting late payments on invoices. Seriously, this is where customers can get the most out of their retention, as there`s always something to do in this category. .

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