Sarah Posing


N.B. Since March 2017, ‘ Linden New Art’ is closing for renovations.

  1. The Thursday night Untutored Life Drawing Class has moved to the Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre (
    For more information please contact me on: 0438 340 903/
  2.  The ‘Awakening The Eye’ drawing and meditation class will be moving to the Melbourne Studio of Art (
    The next course there is due to start in April 2017. For more information or booking, please contact me at :


‘Awakening The Eye’ is a unique nine-week course about seeing and drawing. It is unique because of its emphasis on the process of seeing and drawing, rather than the end-product: the emphasis is on the journey, rather than the destination. ‘Awakening The Eye’ is based on the work of Dr. Frederick Franck (‘The Zen of Seeing’) and of Professor Betty Edwards (‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’), as well as my own experience over the past forty years as a painter and art lecturer.

No previous experience is needed to do this course. On the other hand, it is of relevance to the practicing artist and designer, as it is about extending the individual’s capacity to see more clearly, more profoundly. ‘Awakening The Eye’ is about exploring different ways of seeing. At the deepest level, seeing and drawing can become a form of meditation-in-action, comparable to the Zen Tea Ceremony or to Tai-Chi.

‘Awakening The Eye’ was started at Linden in 1992. The course has also been presented at Melbourne University, the C.A.E. and at the University of South Australia. The first session of each nine-week course is an introductory session. The basic fee for the nine weeks is $310.00 (concessions available) and there is a 10% discount for payment in advance.


On Thursday evenings between 7.30 & 9.30, I run an Untutored Life Drawing group. This is designed as a drop-in resource and is open to all. Booking is not necessary,  just arrive before 7.30pm with paper & drawing materials. There are different models each week and there is a variety of short and longer poses. The cost is $20.00, payable on the night.

For further enquiries or enrollment in either class, please contact me on: (03) 9525 3223 or by Email: