4 thoughts on “Watercolours & drawings

  1. Hi dear Anselm
    I really love your water colour on lake Merimbula.
    Is it for sale.
    I would like to have of your works in my modest collection.
    With love
    Linda Grace.

  2. I love and would like to buy your Hepworth painting to give to my best friend – please let me know the cost Anselm.
    Moira Emilie

    • Dear Moira,
      I didn’t know your second name was Emilie!
      I would be happy for your best friend to have this painting.
      A watercolour this size- it is A3- usually goes for around $750.00. Is that ok? Am happy to give you ‘mates rates’ if necessary.
      If you would like me to frame it, it would costs about another $200.00.
      Anselm x

      • Deal! Please frame it as well. And send me your bank details.

        My great grandmother was French and that’s whose name it was – Émilie Louise Desiree (Stockwell)

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