Welcome to my new Website!

I wish to thank my friend Glen Macnab for constructing and helping me set up this new Website, which will also be my new Blog.

I would welcome comments or feedback of any kind.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Website!

  1. Hi Anselm. The site looks fantastic, and how very modern of you. Amazing to think you’ve been doing Awakening The Eye classes for 20 years! Astrid 🙂

    • Thank you so much Astrid. I have only just seen your message. I will try harder to be a better cyber-citizen in future!

  2. Hi Anselm, good to see some new posts. I just stumbled upon your new blog and was thinking that perhaps you could post something on your old blog to let your followers know that that one is now defunct and point everyone in this direction. Just a suggestion. Still trying to awaken, best, Gary

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